Bookkeeping Like A Boss 3-Month Virtual Class

This virtual class builds on the information learned during our one-day LIVE class, but don’t worry if you haven’t come to see us live ….yet! During this 3-month program, you will receive weekly emails with prompts to get you familiar with doing your bookkeeping in the cloud.  We will cover the fundamentals of how to navigate the system and answer any questions you have about the program.  In addition to the weekly email prompts we will meet every other week via Zoom to give you hands-on training IN the system! This is an interactive class and the content will be curated for the participants.  This class is all about YOU, not just theory – bring your questions so we can answer questions you have about your own business!

Next Class starts the Week of April 15th, 2019


Bookkeeping Like A Boss In-person Workshops

Why would the boss need to learn how to do the bookkeeping? Isn’t that something you hire someone else to do?

Well yes, you do. BUT, many of us start our businesses playing all of the roles because there isn’t a budget to hire someone to handle those things that we don’t want to do. Even if you want to hand it off to someone else as soon as humanly possible you still need to know the basics.

  • What do the numbers mean?
  • How do you interview a potential bookkeeper?
  • What are the essential reports that you need? And how do you read them?
  • What are some ways to automate the process to make it easier?
  • What are all of the different financial “roles”? CPA, EA, Bookkeeper, CFO, Accountant

In this one-day seminar, you will learn all of this and more in plain English that anyone can understand. We will cover what accounting software you need in your business to get started and what is overkill. We will discuss the setup of simple systems to capture all of your information so that it is neatly stored and ready to give to your CPA at tax time. We will discuss the types of things your CPA will ask for and how to make getting that information quick and painless. We will go over some of the most common business deductions as well as talk about a couple that you might not have considered.

You will leave with a workbook with checklists and information to help you get your books organized and keep them organized.

April 6, 2019 – Roseville

Leading Ladies In-person Workshops

Do you want to be the STAR in your business?  Do you want to be seen, heard, and appreciated for all that you re and all the knowledge that you possess?  Do you wonder how you are perceived by others and how you can be seen as the authority in your business and in your life?

Leading Ladies is a course designed to do all of that…and MORE!  This one day course will help you to gain confidence, to understand the simple tricks women use in business to level the playing field, and a basic understanding of communication styles for effective negotiations.

Come learn how to move from supporting role to leading lady in this fun, one-day, interactive workshop!

Lunch and refreshments will be served during the day.